Şi faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaşi?

People in Romania are called Vasile.
There is nothing in the world more powerful than a Romanian person drunk on tuica or Palinca, two magical Romanian potions.
They pray every night to Ceausescu, the Romanian God.
Romanian mating rituals while playing manele MP3 music are dark and mysterious (...) The children in Romania are brutal and have 95% chances of becoming manele singers and performing dark rituals (...) If by some mistake the romanian child escapes from manele virus they are doomed to live "dupa blocuri" or "in da hood" where they live a life of joy and eliberation pigmented with weak narcotics like aurolac.
Romania has no economy (...) Romania's primary export is drama (...) Romania is also the world's leading exporter of vampires, gymnasts...

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